Nodi & Mo - Tropical Wonders Coconut Soy Candle

At Nodi & Mo Candle Studio, we are passionate about creating handcrafted candles that light up your life. Our studio is a haven for candle enthusiasts, where artistry and craftsmanship converge to produce unique, high-quality candles for every occasion.

Based in Calgary, AB.

  • Established in 2022

    Nodi & Mo is a Canadian-based lifestyle brand offering candles, candles accessories and glassware.

    Started as a passion project to create a candle brand for scent sensitivities.

  • Founders

    Nodi & Mo are a couple who have a deep passion for the art of candle making and various crafts.

    The aesthetics of their home have always included candles. It inspired them to start making candles and open this business.

  • Small But Mighty

    Nodi & Mo candles are hand poured in small batches in Calgary, AB.

    This is where we started and where we ship our products to many other beautiful places within Canada & around the world.

Handmade wit Love ♡

Each candle is meticulously crafted in small batches, making every piece a work of art.
We use premium, eco-friendly materials to ensure our candles burn cleaner and last longer.

Inspired by Nature, Inspired by You...

Every scent in our candles is inspired by our love and appreciation of what nature can provide for us, from tasty fruits to natural floral aromas and tranquil sea waters.

Being mindful about the environment and our customers' needs, we make our candles with vegan coconut soy wax blended with premium natural & essential oils using a 100% natural sustainable FSC wooden wicks that has a warm crackling sound.

Our focus on sustainability

1 Tree is planted for every candle sold on our website.

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Rules We Live By

  1. Keep going.
  2. Spend time in nature.
  3. Be sincere in supporting other people.
  4. Spend 100$ dinners to celebrate a 30$ sale.
  5. Cheer for every order like it's your first.
  6. Be yourself, unless you can be Batman, be Batman.

Our business thrives due to your contributions.
Engaging with individuals like you is the ultimate satisfaction for each day's efforts.

Thank you for supporting our small business!
Nodi & Mo